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5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Paling Bagus Terbaru

5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Paling Bagus Terbaru Kali ini tim akan memberikan 5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris terbaik yang telah kami rangkum dalam beberapa sumber terpercaya, yuk langsung simak cerita tersebut dibawah ini :

5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Paling Bagus Terbaru

The Alien (Fiction Stories)

The Alien (Fiction Stories)

It was eventually a cold day in June. I hurried home after my shopping which had left my spirit high and purse depleted. It was eventually dark, the shadows overlaying one another on the ground as I walked upon the sidewalk, before entering my garden pathway. It was eventually chilly and I‘d been very hungry having resisted the snacks and ice creams in the mall eateries. Somehow the mounting hunger made me irritable and I hurried to my house.

Just as I walked in the steps that resulted in the doorway an abrupt dazzle hit my eye. A torrent of light had capsized upon the house and I felt the glow of one thousand suns cascading upon me. The glaring white blinded my eyes. I dropped my shopping bags around me and shielded my eyes coming from the deluge. I stood still panic stricken.

Looking up I saw a fascinating sight. It was eventually a UFO. It was eventually a precise replica from the ones in comic books and fiction movies, so I couldn’t possibly have mistaken it for anything. And sure enough my eyes wandered all around the craft to discover if any aliens emerged.

At a similar instant I felt a tug inside my saree pallu. I‘d been wonder struck in the sight in an alien, very humanoid in appearance. And in fact he was sea green, as they simply were always portrayed, and he stood there with his strange enormous eyes straining to discover me, eye lids fluttering as if he were myopic. His eyes were watery with rainbow shades floating in them very strangely, and I felt magnetized. He wore a glowing silver metal helmet that was actually his head. The inevitable antenna (like the 2 tentacles found on the top of the snail ) glimmered and shone in florescent shades of green and red as if it were traffic lights. He became too interesting a spectacle for myself to feel afraid of, as my eyes explored this fascinating intruder.

His head was mango shaped and his mouth widened and contracted on and off inside a perpetual grin that stretched wide to directly behind his head. I‘d been relieved he wasn’t scaly, like a few of them from comic books. I gathered up courage and said, “Hi ! ”

The alien nodded as if in acknowledgement, but it was eventually to not be. He nodded on a regular basis even when I hadn’t spoken to him. Since he seemed to become of the congenial temperament I grew braver and extended my hospitality by asking him if he needed food. He grinned and nodded, and I doubted that he understood me.

This point I softly prodded him stomach and was surprised to locate it sounded very metallic though it didn’t look it. It was eventually almost a drum.

Still he repeated the grin and nod.

By now I‘d been enjoying this strange encounter, considering he wasn’t harmful, and I truly wished to contact him. I‘d been afraid he would take off abruptly, because it always happened in movies I had seen. I prodded his tummy again and

said, “Food? ” I designed a chomping sound as though I‘d been munching away. Grin, nod. Grin, nod.

“Drink? ” And I designed a gulping sound.

He stared bewildered, the rainbow hues swirling wildly in her eyes. I‘d been transfixed in the sight, for it was eventually a truly spectacular sight. I picked up a tetra pack of Amul Lassi coming from the shopping bags I had dropped open and punctured the silver blocker. I offered this to my alien friend.

Grin, nod. Grin, nod.

And I tried an apple, an orange, a packet of cummin seeds. Then I waggled a sachet of Sambar Podi Shakti Masala, to no avail.

Words like ‘fridge’, lunch, chappathis, rice made simply no sense to him.

When I next tapped his tummy I heard some static sounds as if he were a goofed up radio. Few beeps followed and also the antenna on his metal head flashed tiny lightning lights.

I simply stood there asking myself if I‘d been owning a psychic experience. Have I turned paranormal? I hoped my sighting of the humanoid wasn‘t some kind of change in electromagnetic energy in its immediate vicinity.

The brightly lit UFO had lodged itself upon the sector beyond and like all of the UFOs I’d seen in movies, dimmed its lights and stood like a huge dark shadow inside the background. A couple of serial lights flashed on and off on remind us of their presence.
I gestured for my friend to come straight into the house. I took few steps forward and began climbing the few stairs that resulted in my veranda. I‘d been amazed and happy to locate the alien hadn’t slackened his hold givenfor my saree pallu. He slid in with me and floated in the stairs. His every move fascinated me. I simply had had to decelerate and watch his every move. I couldn’t understand how he mobilized without legs or feet.

However, he stopped moving once We‘re inside the veranda. He turned himself to face his space craft and emanated several of his beeps and static sounds. I heard a soft crackle coming from the craft in answer.

The alien turned around a full circle, grinning and nodding non- stop, and looked me straight inside the eye. Two pinpoints of light like keen daggers pierced mine. He then did to me what I had done. He prodded my stomach with his spindly fingers a couple of times and let off more static sounds. He then turned in the direction of the space craft, floated through three stairs as if he were a spirit, and swish, disappeared straight into the spacecraft. More lights. More beeps. More crackling sounds. An enormous woosh. And I‘d been left there givenfor my house front, alone with thoughts and thoroughly perplexed. A terrible loneliness filled my heart and I hated to discover my alien go !

I wandered into my house as a zombie, and looked the window to discover a little spot twirl and vanish adore it always did inside my books. I fell inside a faint.

I slept a fitful sleep and woke up inside a hospital bed. My nurse gave me my breakfast, but hunger evaded me. I had lost all appetite. I asked about my alien and that they gave us a pill in order to make me doze off. When I woke up I still felt no hunger and refused all food. Everyone was worried sick that I hadn’t eaten for three days. Then four. Then five.

“Six” said someone.

“Seven ! ” said another person.

“Eight ! ” said my husband’s loud voice. After which I awoke.

Yes it was eventually eight each morning,

__The End__

5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Paling Bagus Terbaru

The Pursuit of Love (Love Stories)

The Pursuit of Love (Love Stories)

I‘ve loved her for thirteen months and 5 days ; it’s just that she doesn’t understand about it.

She works in the corner bakery where they sell those awesome cupcakes or so I‘m told, but I can’t make certain of the albeit I‘ve purchased many them. The mere sight of her sends my senses on the strike leaving me having a thunderous pounding of the guts that resonates loudly inside my eardrums. I‘m sure We‘ve a past connection however the thought that she is going to never know gnaws inside my heart making me ill at ease.

But today, I kinda feel that something important will certainly happen and these thoughts buzzing around inside my head is making me dizzy.

But that can be also because I hadn’t had anything to consume or drink – Or maybe because I haven’t slept during the past forty eight hours. It really has been raining heavily ever since that day and also the torment from the falling drops upon the window pane is as a whip lashing for myself as I sit from the window, delirious, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. It really has been forty eight hours because the rain started, it’s the heaviest in ten years I heard the chap say upon the weather channel and it’s likely to carry on.

And these hours happen to be the toughest – not having the ability to see my adore –

But wait – what is that this that I see? A light – a faint one within the bakery – It should be her ; it needs to be her…

I stumble through staircase, run with the alley, crossing an open road ; all wet from the rain but kept warm from the adore burning inside me. I do know what you‘re thinking – that it’s this type of cliché. Except for some clichés will be the closest to truth.

I reach the door from the bakery ; I will hardly see anything inside with the glass. I hesitate unsure What‘s it that I can perform, the rain is soaking me through though I do know my adore can‘t be washed away and she is going to know, yes she is going to know.

After which the doors open there she‘s – my adore – she looks at me– then smiles and says in which melodious voice of hers,

“sorry, We‘re closed”

I await the lyrics to derive from her mouth, even mine, but there’s none – I smile in return, hiding my anguish, and I walk away slowly back inside the rain.

In the steps from the building, I pause – self ridicule makes me halt for any mere second, and I turn to seem back inside the direction of my adore and watch her walk away, the umbrella barely doing a very good job, her white dress now sticking to her legs and her hair clings around her waist rather than my hands, and she half walks and half skips to some waiting car. The door opens as she approaches it and also a man gets out, runs towards her, hugs her after which kisses her. I hear her laugh, a playful laugh which laugh urges me to operate towards her and scream by actually speaking,

“Not him, me. I that have loved you secretly for months… not him, it’s me”

But I remain rooted towards the spot with an ever burdening heart watch her drive away and I go back to my room to bide my time till another day.


5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Paling Bagus Terbaru

Marut – A Monkey (Children Stories)

Marut – A Monkey (Children Stories)

Perhaps you have heard about Marut, the Monkey? No? Still not? Oh, then, you are able to hear this story and obtain to understand that is Marut, the Monkey.

Marut was a really cute little monkey known in her town for their honesty and generousity. On a really sunny day, Marut left to some near by town to understand more about it. On reaching this new town, he realised that he is well known regarding his forgot to carry his bag or capital with him. However, he continues to wander all streets and parks and it also gets dark. Marut looks for food to consume and he finds a fruit stall. He, being a really honest monkey, he decides to inform the fruit vendor about his situation.

Marut stands in front from the stall and he sees an enormous banana bunch and gets tempted to consume. Being new towards the town, the vendor asks Marut, which fruit he likes to consume.

Marut says ‘I like banana, a lot’.

The fruit vendor says ‘Sir, these bananas are the very best you won‘t get such banana anywhere else’.

Marut, as like a fruit lover, he says ‘ I will not agree to your words. I‘ve tasted all kinds of bananas inside my town’.

Fruit vendor gets just a little upset and challenges Marut that in case he tastes one, he would adore to possess more.

Marut accepts the challenge and says ‘ I shall taste the banana after which buy from you’.

The fruit vendor plucks a banana coming from the bunch and provides it to Marut. Marut takes one bite and gets lost inside the taste, he takes bigger bite and much more bites. With inside a second, he finishes eating the entire banana.

He tells towards the vendor, ‘ Sir, this banana was definitely great in taste, are you currently sure that another banana is likewise as great like the one I had now? ’

The vendor is extremely happy to understand the bananas at his shop is best, and feeling happy he offers an additional banana and says ‘ Sir, you‘ll have an additional banana and let me know can it be same or better’.

Marut gets an additional banana and he enjoys every bite from the banana. Overwhelmed by Marut’s opinion, he hands over more bananas one after another. Briefly time Marut gets to consume all of the bananas inside the bunch.

On realising the bunch is empty, the fruit vendor says ‘ Sir, you‘ve eaten my bananas. Please pay me to the bananas you have eaten. One banana costs Rs 5 and thus 50 bananas will certainly cost…..??? ’

Marut replies quickly ‘ Its Rs 250 ! ’.

The fruit vendor is happy that Marut did a fast calculation.

Marut puts a sad face and says ‘ Sir, I‘d like to apologise. I don‘t have any money with me at this time. But I promise that I will be able to pay you before dawn. I came coming from the neighbouring town and in hurry, forgot to carry money with me’.

The fruit vendor’s face turns red with anger and shouts at Marut ‘ Do you are aware how difficult it is to buy those bananas given by a special plantain plant, located with a far village? You have all of the bananas and in fact now, made a lame excuse? I’m not visiting spare you’. The fruit vendor looks out for any stick with hit Marut.

Inside a flash Marut fled to flee the beatings coming from the fruit vendor. He keeps running with no break till he reaches his town. On entering his town, Kitty, a cat recognises Marut and shouts,

‘Hey Marut, where are you currently running? Why are you currently in this hurry trying to find worried? ’

Marut graps for breathe and replies ‘ Hello Kitty, I made a really big mistake. I visited the neighbouring town and had great deal of bananas and Didn‘t have money to pay out the vendor. He was very upset and close to hit me. I have to hurry up and pay him back my dues. See you soon’.

Kitty was shocked to listen to, as she knew Marut was always honest and was wondering why this happend?

Marut reaches his home and quickly looks for their purse with money. He runs as a cheetah towards the fruit stall and hands over Rs 250 towards the fruit vendor. The fruit vendor who thought that Marut would never return, was surprised to discover him. He puts up a smiling face and thanks Marut.

Marut grasps for breathe and says’ Sir, Sorry to the foolish act of mine. Thanks greatly for feeding me with individuals delicious bananas. I shall be ever grateful for you. ’

The fruit vendor gives him few apples as token of appreciation for Marut’s honesty.

Marut thanks him and starts walking towards his town. On his way back, he notices a squirrel sitting quitely on the tree branch having a pale face and no energy to maneuver his tail.

Marut asks the squirrel ‘ Hey what happened? Why are you currently looking so tired? ’

Squirrel replies ‘ I Didn‘t get any food since night. I’m very hungry and feeling tired’. On hearing this, he empathises the situation and shares the apples using the squirrel. The squirrel thanks the Marut for their act of generosity and that they become great friends.

Marut makes many more friends inside the new town and his honesty and generosity becomes the talk from the town.


5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Paling Bagus Terbaru

Cycle of Life (Short Story Family)

Cycle of Life (Short Story Family)

That day, old man was leaving us, forever ! ! !

I heard my mother calling relatives and friends, one-by-one, on phone and telling the news in sobbing voice, “They will require out ventilator today at around 3 PM. You‘ll come to discover him before that. ”

Every week before that day, when he was taken to hospital, my father was helping grandpa to lie on back seat in our car. I Couldn‘t forget grandpa’s last unanswered reply when I, while attempting to control my tears, asked my mother whether he could be all right. Grandpa called me by weak gesture and softly caressed my hair as he generally used to carry out. But, very soon, his hand slipped far from my head, holding left section of his chest to unsuccessfully stop the rising pain. He was struggling to breathe normally. He was a similar man who once almost ran to market in heavy rain to purchase inhaler for myself, when I lost the one in college and was little breathless due to asthma I had. However when it came to him that day I Couldn‘t do much but just cried. My mother embraced me saying grandpa would return soon.

A night before that day, at hospital’s reception my mother was consoling my distressed looking father to accept the destiny, “it needs to happen someday. ” I Didn‘t understand actually meant but simply closed my eyes and prayed God to let my grandpa be well soon. My grandpa once told me that prayers from children are pure and that they surely reach God. However it Didn‘t happen, perhaps.

That day, we reached hospital at 1 PM. We went inside. Security at reception Didn‘t stop me that day. I‘d been following my mother trying to satisfy her pace, climbing stairs, to ICU where grandpa was admitted. A nurse guided us to an area. After an extended week gap I saw my grandpa — my best friend. Grandpa was sleeping peacefully on hospital bed. There have been many small TV and radio alike boxes with tiny lights. Few boxes were making “beep-beep” sound in rhythm. I knew the sound was fading heart beats of my best friend — my grandpa. Then I saw my father, with red and swollen eyes, sitting closure to grandpa’s bed. My mother Couldn‘t control herself. She started sobbing loudly kneeling inside my father shoulder. My father gently stood up and took my crying mother from the room.

I‘d been left alone with the foremost adorable man of my life. I went closure to him, where my father was sitting just few seconds back. I watched the head of my dear grandpa. There was no pain — it was eventually calm and composed. Even with few plastic tubes in her nose and mouth and also a white foggy gas mask onto it, I found his face quite charming and graceful. I started caressing grandpa’s hair. I wished that he utter my name… just once… It was eventually a similar mouth that told me numerous stories, daily, until I slept. I‘d been waiting for their eyes to become opened… to discover me last time… but he continued sleeping… these were the old eyes that never got tired enjoying watching my toys, my drawing, my homework, my mark sheets… Then I checked out his hand. It was eventually same hand that designed to caress my hair. I held his palm inside my both hand. I tried measuring my palm with his. Nothing had changed. His palm was still larger than mine. I touched his index finger… I held it last time… holding it always assured me safe feeling in busy markets and crowded places…

I took out my inhaler from my pocket and kept it on a close-by table where already many medicines were kept scattered. I remembered once my grandpa told me the inhaler was my life saviour… I murmured in grandpa’s ear, “Don’t worry Grandpa, you‘d get well soon. I kept here inhaler to save lots of you. ”…

“It’s a boy” exhilarated voice of my father brought me back inside my present. Today, after eighteen years later, on a single floor of a similar hospital I found my father rushing towards a nurse who had been carrying a just born baby. “What are you currently doing there… come… look into him… he resembles ‘ditto’ your grandpa”, almost shouted my father in excessive excitement, carefully holding the baby in her arms.

But I saw my grandpa inside my father greater than inside my just born son. A brand new cycle of life has started… to repeat itself once again.


5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Paling Bagus Terbaru

The Boy (Friendship Stories)

The Boy (Friendship Stories)

Who had been he? He was only one among hundreds in school. There wasn’t anything distinguishing or mighty about him – he was good-looking all right but it was eventually the type of good looks that stands out initially after which fades straight into the background following a while ; as if this were there for many eternity. Briefly, he was an ordinary boy leading an ordinary life. He wasn’t popular among his peers except maybe for their first few days in school that was one month after term began. He knew everyone and everybody knew him which was that. In the end, that which was one boy among numerous others?

Who had been he? He would be a quaint black and white photograph. A ready dimpled smile, a set of two deep searching eyes, a mop of messy hair and to finish the image you needed an easel having a canvas onto it near him, a palette in her left hand and also a paintbrush inside the right. Nobody knew much about his likes or dislikes and frankly nobody bothered to question. But something you need about which everyone was on a single page was that he was born to paint. He wouldn’t be complete without having the – preferably – green streak of paint which his hand leaves in its wake inside a futile attempt to obtain the tumbling mass of dark bangs from his eyes. It may be 6 a. m. or 6 p. m. ; you wouldn’t find him without paint spread randomly on his hands, smudges of colours on his face or dried smears on his sleeves and patches on his jeans. It was eventually an irrevocable section of him. The sagacious aura about him and also the contrasting impertinence profound in her ever smiling face vanishes the instant he gets a paint brush in her hands. His countenance radiated magnanimity and unbelievable passion when he painted.

It was eventually a marvel – the indescribable grace with which his hand flew over the canvas, the deft stroke of his hands, true and sure against the stark contrast of white inside the backdrop. It was eventually using the utmost confidence that he painted the bold reds and also the pale pinks, warm yellows and cool blues, calm greens and vibrant purples… Upon closer inspection you are able to appreciate the sharp details and also the accurate strokes, appropriate shading and expert shadows. A number of his paintings were fairly straight forward- blooming flowers, crashing waves, looming mountains and towering skyscrapers. Some were more allegory – a haze of colours, the meaning of that was oblivious to all except him. They had been all beautiful with their own separate ways and also the adoring way during which his lips wrapped tenderly all around the usually silly names of his masterpieces and also the rhapsodical glow in her dark chocolate orbs as he checked out them only added on their charm.

He was neither a fiend nor a best friend to at least one. He was simply meant to become. Having a character which was a smooth and warm and proficient at easily familiarizing using the personality of his acquaintance. Never was he judgemental He would be a constant friend ; As a diary. You don’t hate him nor can you adore him but essentially He‘s there from our side. What else could possibly be the rationale he was never appreciated duly for which he was worth? It was eventually almost like he was meant to become ; something naturally there.

Even still, when all an abrupt he barged straight into the class one boring English period and announced that he could be leaving, it was eventually met by apathetic shrugs which were too mild. On his part, he too seemed indifferent aside from the strange emotion shining with the hard pool of placidity in her eyes and also the absence of his signature whimsical smile which usually graced his lips. The deadline came and he left having a wave of his hand, a grin in your direction and also a slight inclination of his head to acknowledge our lazy goodbyes. But again his façade was undoubtedly marred by that eerie light behind his eyes.

Days flew by with no perceivable change after which the rifle was reported triggering the start of a saga of confusion. He became a seat left out inside the conference room using a – later, very bewildered- classmate, an additional question paper at each exam, an awaited disgruntled groan when art class was cancelled, a subtle glance with a vacant seat once the teacher spoke about medieval arts, a further mars bar at each birthday, an irrelevant invitation to every party. It was eventually all inevitable.

Which was a once we learned the reality of the lyrics : we don’t really know what We‘ve until we lose it. Like many unfortunates, it was eventually past too far for those ; Past too far to mention sorry for all of the times you knocked over his paint, thanks to the paint stained helping hand which seemed to appear magically in front individuals whenever you tripped during gym, a nod of acceptance or maybe also a answer every routine good mornings, a heartfelt congratulation as he walks to his place amidst admiring albeit also lukewarm applause after being announced the winning of the painting contest to the umpteenth time.

Who had been he? A pang in the guts whenever you skip his name during attendance, a tear inside the eye whenever you see your school album, a smirk upon the lips whenever you reminisce in regards to the all jokes you played upon the teachers, a confused sweep of the top whenever you attempt to seek him over to ask- as was routine – his calculus exam marks, a droop from the shoulder whenever you realize you won’t be playing soccer with him anymore, a soft feeling with your soul whenever you see a painting.

A phone call with no answer, that ends inside a beep, a message with no reply even at the conclusion of many every week, a mail with no response regardless of how long you wait. A foggy picture constantly behind of one‘s mind.

Who had been he? Oh, he was only a boy. The final piece from the puzzle. He was part of us.


Dan itulah 5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris yang telah saya sajikan, jangan lupa cek hal-hal dan informasi paling asik hanya di, terima kasih 🙂

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